Yes, I Just Stood Outside As A Gunman Went Through Uvalde School Halls

Police Badge to Protect. Blue Lights to notify. My uniform just to stand by and watch.

Chris Lopez


Source: Self Created Image with Canva.


The title is what every police officer who wore a badge must stay who was not in the tactical unit at the Uvalde Texas shooting.

Seven uniformed police officers stood outside Uvalde Texas for an hour.

Think about that.

An hour.

Imagine hearing gunshots, children screaming, and teachers panicking. Then imagine the person you count on to do what you can’t doing the same thing as you.

You ask them to go save your child.

They respond by saying to calm down.

They have a gun, but the shooter has one too.

Everyone’s brave when they have a weapon and others don’t. Everyone’s courageous when a person can’t fight back. Everyone’s tough when they’re 100 lbs. heavier.

Seems like the cowards surfaced in this even fight.

I demonstrate bravery by doing. I went to the Man of War Crucible. That required bravery. I am a war veteran. I understand danger. This also required bravery.

I know I’m a writer. I know I’m back seat quarter back. I know my words are what I think I would do. It’s easy for people to say what they would do and wouldn’t. This is especially true as a “Keyboard Warrior”.

It’s much tougher to do what you say when it’s required. I know. What qualifies me? Who is this Keyboard Warrior?


I’ve had a gun held to my head. The trigger’s been pulled. My life is still here because of a jam in a 45. I still have the hollow tip bullet as a token. I took the gun out of the person’s hand.

I’ve been stabbed. I have the scar to show. I know what it feels like.

I’ve had people chase me around in the middle east wanting to sever my head. Literally.



Chris Lopez

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