What Food Prices Are Still Going Up? Let’s Talk Real Returns On Investment.

Are you hungry? Do you want something to eat? You might want to wait until next paycheck.

Chris Lopez


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You walk to your pantry. You open the door. A creak moans. The moan is for your pocket. Your spouse is asking to go out for dinner. It’s no longer a reality. You pretend to ignore the innocent question. Date night dinners are being sacrificed to the early morning grocery idols. They’re manipulating your feelings, your dates and now your life. Your only question is…what’s going to go up next?

I understand your pain.

I really do.

I purchased $224 worth of groceries the other day. What did I get? Some breakfast things and a candle.

Sound like you?

I’m sure it does.

Instead of complaining or giving you some dry information…let’s talk two things.

First thing. Let’s talk about what’s going to go up. You need to know what’s coming. Otherwise, you will be blind-sided. That’s no fun.

Second thing. You might as well make a buck. If you want to drain savings for future groceries…be my guest. I choose to compound those savings to offset future groceries. I’ll keep what I have. Thank you very much.

Let’s begin.


Food prices rose early in the pandemic. People stocked up on food from grocery stores. This created a shortage which bumped prices. Restaurant prices picked up too. More businesses reopened. After the initial COVID scare tactic of our federal government passed, consumers felt more comfortable dining out.

Now supply constraints put additional pressure on food prices. The war in Ukraine is threatening grain shipments every other week. This includes the cost of fertilizer. Russia was a big provider of fertilizer. You get the picture.

There’s also a demand for more labor pay. Gas prices are also being priced into food. It costs a lot more to move a truck. All these factors are driving food prices up.



Chris Lopez

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