Trading Income for Morality The Eviction of Your Fixed Income Portfolio

We must save lives. The contagion will exponentially ravage our communities without action. The autocracy is finally here to flex its economic power for good…or is it?

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Book values can be nearly double market value in no eviction circumstances. The land lords who know how to navigate federal forbearance and tap HUD funds to offset liabilities will survive. Survival doesn’t mean price appreciation. All survival means is the crash isn’t so bad.

These are the picks you are looking for.

If you’re newly acquired below book value REIT dips another 25% after you buy in do not sell. Do not trade on margin so you cannot get closed out. Stick with the idea a REIT with real estate worth more than double your stock price will go back up.

Remember I scaled in when EARN went lower than my original entry. I ended up scoring over 50% on the individual trade by not knee jerking. This is your almost free advice to make some money in a bad economy. The cost was about 5 minutes. Did you make it all the way through? Hopefully you don’t take an Economic Punch in the Face.

Christopher is a Professional Entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience, a Master Project Manager, Financial Analyst, & Master Financial Planner

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