New Year Love Is Found In Last Century’s Values

Egalitarians struggled for equality. Feminists worked for individualism. How come they have no families to show for all the progress?

Chris Lopez
7 min readJan 7


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Someone told me women’s rights were the best they’ve ever been. Interesting. People say the darndest things. Everyone swears their society is best. Each person claims to know more than the last. Today’s modern women believe themselves more liberated than their ancestors. They say all our grandmothers knew were beatings, forced marriages and societal time outs.

Are their claims true?

Family is the bedrock of society. Government is nothing but an organization of people. People have families or they don’t. Time tested models reveal family is best.(4)

Abandonment of family has no successful model in modern society. I dare say no society ever survived without family. Common sense tells me this. Scholarly research validates family.

Challenge me if you will. The sources are in the footnotes.

Let me know when you find successful independent A-sexual reproductions in humans. I think the last example we have was Jesus.

Basically, a miracle. A contested one at that. I digress.

Egalitarianism claimed success compels an ironic question.


Abortions of convenience. Adopted thoughts fetuses aren’t alive. Discarded babies for imaginary dreams. At the heart of all this turmoil is fear. Fear of rejection. Fear of poverty. Fear the idea of a life together is unwanted.

Guys couple with gals. Gals couple to obtain validation through attention. Lust is confused with love.

Abandonment of family has no successful model in modern society.

All this chaos. The expense of chaotic reality is death of family.

Seldom do I hear of wife aborting husband’s baby. Rarely do I hear of husband purchasing plan B. There is only plan A in marriage. Children.



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