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A Great Story has an ending. An awesome post is worth posting. Sometimes we move on.

Chris Lopez
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I have enjoyed the time. Medium was a great place to start. The challenges the platform has are many. There are also many good aspects to it. As platforms evolve their audience changes. The audience is neither good nor bad. Medium’s audience today is different than it was a year ago.

The truth is this place is a good place for upstart writers.

Once a mature audience develops, solid fan base is found and email lists are cultivated it makes sense to transition.

As a writer I need to be seen. I need to be suggested. I need to be viewed. It has little to do with money. Everything to do with being recommended.

An editor cannot force anyone to read. Nor can they make you successful. Editors can prevent success.

If you are not seen the quality of your content is irrelevant.


A platform should be a place where people are seen. Whether it is through curation or not. If a person takes time to cultivate a following. The following should see them.

When emails are sent by followers asking why a writer has not written in over 6 months…but you have articles written…there is a problem.

Of course they can search you. Of course they can subscribe to your email list and get notified.

But people often just follow people they like.

It doesn’t occur to them to subscribe or look you back up.

They wait for the feed to pop up.


This platform is great in many ways. It helped me develop an audience. I applaud it for that. Now it’s audience is different. I have no idea why the algorithm changed. I am unsure who they intend to market.

My quality is not reduced. I argue it’s better.

What I do know is…I get more traffic writing on my own site.

I’m averaging over 100 views a day. This is nearly 3x what Medium currently gives me. This is just from google search engines. No marketing dollars…



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