Marching towards a lonely 2050 will food shortages and harsh environments spell disaster or prosperity?

Chris Lopez
8 min readAug 4, 2019

Humanity’s desire to conquer industry created stunning buildings, technology, militaries and now it appears our own demise. Food scarcity is a problem for most the world. Access to clean water is another problem. People like Sophia Sunwoo are doing wonderful things to help. Through the miracles of our machines and advances in technology we avert many catastrophes.

Is it possible to avert the catastrophe looming in 30 years?

The Australia Academy of Science authored a three volume report. The report contains focused engagement from renowned scientists about the change of our planet. The report revolved around 1) Living Scenarios (Good), 2) Living Scenarios (Bad), and 3) Having Frank Conversations about our possible extinction if we don’t address this.

Global warming is not a farce. Global warming is not something we make up for convenience. Our planet influences everything from survivability to corporate profits.

Yes this is not an article about science and the environment.

This is an article about the application to stock exchanges, commodities, price of everyday items and yes the most important…the ability to live on this planet.


To grow and advance our natural resources we require support systems. Every person cannot operate an enterprise by themselves. People require help, assistance, and natural resources. Natural resources consist of electricity for your office, gas for your car, and a working computer (so you can check emails, perform work, et cetera). Each one of these items comes from somewhere. These items do not materialize out of thin air.

Everything you use starts off as a natural material. Everything is at some point something on the floor in a jungle or contained in a rock below the earth.

Some of these materials are difficult to extract and require synthetic chemicals to remove what we need from what we don’t want. These synthetic chemicals are typically not natural occurrences and what is not naturally occurring is typically toxic.

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