Man of War Crucible My Truth Not A Fabrication

There is no propaganda in a message which echoes your own reflection.

Chris Lopez
9 min readApr 21, 2022
Source: Image Credit Canva.

A man of many battles is a veteran. Often veterans earn the right to retire. In retirement veterans work hard to entitle themselves to comfort. Comfort brings an easy life.

There is no video you can watch which explains the experience. There is little training you can do to prepare yourself for the experience. There is little material for you to read to prepare you for the experience.

I have modesty around me, but it is earned. It is mine. I owe no one anything. This peace of mind is my comfort. In this perpetual comfort a man of many battles becomes a man of peace.

A man of peace can accustom themselves to easy living. An easy living can erode the mental determination one once had.

For a mind of war is required during conflict. After all the victories conflict ceases. If conflict ceases long enough a mind of war becomes a mind of peace.


My experience in Man of War was a short one.



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