Independent Women The Price of Your Pride Is More Than You Can Afford.

You will never be in that position again. Your heart is no longer available. Your cost? Everything.

Chris Lopez
7 min readOct 5, 2022


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Take back control of your life. Remove all the bad. Never put yourself in a vulnerable position. Never trust him again. Does this sound familiar? I’m sure it does. The process of healing. Many confuse pride with safety. When your heart hurts your brain builds strong walls. I call it fight or flight walls. Who wants to hurt? No one. Are you one hurting yourself by believing you will get hurt again?


I’m sure you know it. Trauma is good and bad.

I’m sure you know the bad. It’s unpleasant. It’s heartache. It’s painful.

Human nature avoids these things. I get it. Especially, if its emotions which run your life. The good about trauma is different. The adult mind learns. The mind can completely transform itself from traumatic events.

The catch? Most miss the opportunity trauma offers. They are too caught up in the hurt to take advantage of the gift.

Did you know you can be hurting yourself worse than your assailant?


I’m talking about damage nobody does to you but you. This type of damage makes your life worse than it was. This damage bores a hole in your happiness tank. You can never fill up your meter.

This damage keeps burning long after the fire went out. You can’t breathe very well but are accustomed to smoke smell. You don’t notice it after a while.

Bad air seems normal. Your wheezing is the way your voice changed. It’s not normal.


Turns out the damage you have stands on one pedestal.


On top of your pride pedestal the Religion of Positive Thinking shines bright.

This religion is toxic. I say toxic because there is nothing tangible to the positive statements of a prideful pedestal. There is no work done. No self-growth. Only self-preservation. You can…



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