Hustling The Written Word. How Do You Earn Money From Writing?

Inanimate letters. Dead words. How does a million-dollar story come alive? Read on.

Chris Lopez
4 min readFeb 27


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You write. You think. You attempt to engage. In front of you is a flicker. A screen pulses. You type away. You hope letters form words. The words desperately search for insightful sentences. The sentences are supposed to make a paragraph. That paragraph should tell a story. You don’t think your content is bad. Most people compliment it. If it’s good…why in the world aren’t you making any money?

The old ways of thinking are…old.

Technology made this world a better place. There’s no question about that.

I agree.

My ability to connect to people is easier than it has been for any generation before me. The catch? Everyone has the same connection.

It’s easy to get drowned out. We are all water droplets with free passage to the ocean. The ocean is vast. So much so no one can tell a water drop apart. It’s like we froze in place. We might as well be snow. Every snowflake is unique. We are all individuals. It’s impossible to individually pay attention to any one snowflake.

There is blizzard roaring. You’re just one flake in an ocean of a frozen storm.


There is this myth. Someone fooled you into believing you need a million followers. Another person misled you into belief you’re nothing without thousands of copies sold.

Everyone has perception. Few have sight. Most cannot see what is in front of them.

A good friend of mine has over 100,000 followers on Instagram. The attention he receives for his fitness is absurd. His engagement is high. Despite this fact he works a construction job to make ends meet.

My Instagram following has about 235 followers. He does not even earn a tenth of what I do.

This is the difference between sight and perception. Objectively I am leagues away from him. Perceptively he looks to be doing better than me.



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