How Do You Maintain Your Reputation In The Midst of Damning Accusations?

Innocent until proven guilty. Guilty by association. Consequences without judgment. How do you navigate legal slander?

Chris Lopez
7 min readDec 19, 2022


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The following is not legal advice. Seek competent legal advice for legal matters. This is a personal experience meant to inspire emotional hope to those experiencing similar situations.


The most authoritative source is government. This is what we were taught. Government is an essential component to society. I can imagine no world without government. But. What happens when legal slander is committed against you? How do you navigate this situation?

When proven wrong there are no apologies for false charges. There are no corrections for inaccurate information. There is no change to non-proven publications. An individual cannot compel a government. Can government really compel reputation?

We all adhere to laws.

The laws of men. The laws of nature. The laws of God.

All bind human beings. People do the most to circumvent the laws of men. Few attempt to influence the laws of nature. Nothing can be done to void the laws of God.


If you’re reading it is most likely because you are like me. Someone charged you with something you know is not true. You assailed them with proof of the opposite. You worked with legal to cooperate. You felt confident your evidence showed the opposite. Someone cannot prove what does not exist. Your conscious is clear.

The result?


You cannot change its publication. You cannot alter its words. You cannot speed up its conclusion.

It lingers. Like a bad odor. What do you do?


Human judgment. People are keen to observe others. Whether it is a judge, jury or consensus…people are very judgmental. Individual judgments are not always right. Seldom are judgments by consensus wrong.



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