Fathers Must Reciprocate Their Child’s Effort.

The price of the candy you refused was as expensive as a Rolls Royce. The cost of a missed hug was as big as a court appearance. Don’t misjudge your children.

Chris Lopez


Source: Picture of Author With His Daughter. All Rights Reserved. Property of Author.


We forget. We fail to remember how significant things were to us as children. A child sees different. There’s no secret in the obvious. We all know this knowledge. The secret many fail to learn is different. Bridging perspectives. This means translation skills. We must recognize life altering events for our children. If we fail to do this, we fail as parents. Are you failing as a parent by only having an adult perspective?

Fathers. It is our obligation to inspire confidence, self-esteem, and bravery. We cannot destroy these things.

Are you inadvertently destroying your child?

I know that’s a hard pill to swallow. You probably don’t want to self-reflect. You work. You provide. You say you love your children. You’re not abusive. You feed them. You care for them.

Congratulations are not in order. Approval is in order. You’re a decent human being. You do what society expects.

Why not do more than society expects?


It’s a rare thing. Additional effort is hard. It typically requires work learning. Learning is challenging. It also requires you to self-assess.

Most people don’t want to admit their actions don’t line up with their intentions.

We judge ourselves by our intentions. Rarely do we care the results. If someone isn’t throwing us in jail over our actions most could care less. Whatever the negative outcomes all that matters to most is if they can keep on carrying on.


I’m going to illustrate how I bridge adult perception to child views. It is a technique I deploy with my daughter.

I use it to 1) validate her, 2) bolster her self-confidence, 3) confirm risk reward behavior, and 4) teach her how to overcome fear.



Chris Lopez

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