Embracing Struggle Fact or Myth?

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I have read numerous articles from inspirational figures. Each person talks about struggling. Each person models how they appreciate poverty, failures, heckling, or the rejections. These aspects create foundation for their personality. These factors are usually cornerstones of every successful story.

There is one issue.

No one appreciates poverty, failures, heckling or the rejections.

I read people utilize these things to fuel them. This fuel is usually driven by: anger, pride, revenge, delusion or ego. The desire to prove someone wrong can be a very strong motivator. Telling yourself a false statement can trick your mind into believing it.

I do not ascribe to any of these thoughts. I do agree with something one person is known for. David Goggins is a name people should know. David Goggins is an American ultra marathon runner, ultra-distance cyclist, triathlete, motivational speaker and author. He is a retired United States Navy SEAL. David is also a former United States Air Force Tactical Air Control Party member who served in the War in Afghanistan and the Iraq War.

David has a different view.

All of those things suck. Nothing is good about them. The reality they suck will never change. The ability to confront reality is a requirement to succeed in life. No one likes struggling. I do not like struggling. That does not mean that I do not willingly struggle. I do it every day. I callous my mind. I overcome suffering. Suffering will always be suffering. That never changes.

Biologically our minds are not programmed to embrace suffering. Every natural instinct in your body tells you to “stop” something that is uncomfortable. How do you push through something that will always suck? How do you overcome DNA embedded instincts?

Going bankrupt is never easy. Going through a fire fight is not something anyone embraces. Nearly passing out on a run is not a wonderful event. I rucked 4.2 miles with a 40 lb pack and 20 weight vest running. That was not easy. I do not tell myself it is. I do it because it is hard.

Withstanding these events is where you discover wonder. The ability to be strong enough to tolerate discomfort pushes you to success. We all want success. We all want an “easy life”. No one wants a “hard life”. The reality of life is you get what you deserve not what you want.

The quicker you realize life does not give anything you don’t struggle for — the quicker you obtain it. Callous your mind. Struggle to achieve. Struggle will never be good. There is something waiting on the other side of struggle. The thing waiting for you is greatness. Do not become delusional. You will see very dark roads on the path to your goal. Do not pray shadows go away. Do not pray to have no fear. Embrace reality. Embrace your feelings. Embrace your struggle. Walk the path in spite of feeling what everyone else does. That choice is where courage is found. Courage is the first step to willpower. Willpower is the basis for integrity. Character is consistent ability to have integrity.

Myth — the belief something bad is actually good.

Fact — the conviction to withstand something bad to see the good.

Live in facts. Callous your mind. Conquer struggle by admitting you struggle. You have audacity to try and live like 1% of the United States (less than 0.1% of the world)? Then have audacity to live through what 99% cannot.

Welcome to being a Professional Entrepreneur.


About Christopher: Christopher Knight Lopez is a Professional Entrepreneur. Christopher has opened over 7 businesses in his 14-year career. Christopher’s purpose is to take advantage of various market-driven opportunities. Christopher is a certified Master Project Manager (MPM) and Accredited Financial Analyst (AFA). Christopher previously held his Series 65 securities license. Christopher also has his General Lines — Life, Accident, Health & HMO. Christopher has managed a combined 286mm USD in reported Assets Under Management & Assets Under Advisement. Christopher has work experience in 29 countries, raised over 50mm USD for various businesses, and grossed over 7.5mm in his personal career. Christopher worked in the highly technical industries of: biotechnology, finance, securities, manufacturing, real estate, and residential mortgages. Christopher is a United States Air Force Veteran. Christopher has a passion for family, competitive sports, fishing, martial arts and advocacy for entrepreneurs. Christopher provides self-help classes for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Christopher’s passion to mentor comes from belief that entrepreneurs need guidance. The world is full of conflicting information about entrepreneur identity. See more at www.christopherklopez.com

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Christopher is a Professional Entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience, a Master Project Manager, Financial Analyst, & Master Financial Planner

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