David makes an incredible observation about how ego and pride is defined. Similar to the concept of selfishness. People forget Michael Jordan was cast as a very selfish person in 1990 because he would not use his basketball platform to be a political motivator. Such was the case when he refused to endorse the 1990 black senator in North Carolina who was running against a known racist. Rather than distract himself with other pathways he committed himself wholeheartedly to his craft to become a master. Was it selfish for those to ask him to divert his energy? Or was it selfish for those to want to divert his energy? The truth is greatness has a underlying component in which those that become great only recognize. Unsuccessful people will call him selfish, and those that envy will too. Those aspiring to greatness and those that have achieved greatness will recognize him for what he is the best athlete. Similar millionaires and billionaires derive the same association.

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Christopher is a Professional Entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience, a Master Project Manager, Financial Analyst, & Master Financial Planner

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