Bank Blue Lining will reduce house prices to zero and no one is talking about it

Chris Lopez
6 min readOct 18, 2019

Your house will have no value. No bank will lend against it. Your net worth is now zero. Welcome to a future practice called “Blue Lining”. Never heard of it? Most have not heard about Blue Lining. No one is talking about it. Politicians dare not bring it up.

Blue Lining is intended to be a legal discriminatory lending practice that will shape the future of cities, neighborhoods and entire areas of country.

Before we outcry that politicians will never let banks declare entire cities worthless, let’s get some substance. Let me tell you who supports this view. Let’s review the United States Federal Reserve. Blue Lining is a scary proposition but we can navigate it to a positive place by the time you’re done with this article.


This month the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco sounded an economic alarm. The Federal Reserve warning bells revealed the real financial risks of climate change. A collection of 18 papers by outside experts contained information revealing dire dangers posed to businesses and communities in the United States. The threat is so significant the United States central bank was compelled to address the issue.

The US Fed address on climate risks was slow compared with other foreign central banks. Numerous factors influence an official agency position. The topic of climate change is politically polarized in the United States. Many other countries accept the need to change climate policies. The United States still has pockets denying climate change existence despite mounting evidence in support of climate change. Some pockets denying climate change existence occupy current official government offices. When the US Fed discusses the issue, an organization meant to be politically independent, it becomes subject to accusations it is entering partisan territory. The central bank is a frequent target of President Trump.

We have long known about climate change. The impact of climate change on the environment is recognized by nearly all scientific communities. To date most scientific discussions detailed unknown species extinction, sea level changes and temperature shifts.

Chris Lopez

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