Absentee Misgivings Will Destroy the Future of America

Paper or electronic? Remittance or Refund? The poison you choose decides how your family will survive for generations to come.

Chris Lopez
8 min readOct 29, 2020


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“Did you vote?”

An elderly woman looks through foggy glasses. Her hair is bright blond. Some say it could be white. Those who know her say it’s never changed. Since she was a young girl she’s had bright blond hair. So blond it appears white.

Despite her aging one thing which never aged was her hair.

Her eyes are a hyper blue. They are kind and cool. She wears a shawl to blanket her from the cool air.

“No I didn’t.” replies a young man.

He’s young. His hair is like a coarse brillo pad. The young man’s hair knew moisturizer and conditioner once upon a time. Those products stopped coming to his house a few years ago. They are too expensive to buy now. The beauty industry abandoned chemicals in the 2030’s and global warming devastated agriculture in the 2050s. Texas &, Oklahoma nearly became deserts in the 2060’s. South Florida and Mississippi were abandoned because of sea level rising.

Funny how no one saw that coming even though they were talking about it in 2018.

Natural product prices soared out the roof in the 2060’s.

The young man’s frame is slender. He appears to be in shape. A lot of young people benefitted from losing weight these past few years.

Everyone says it’s because they make smarter choices. The term is “Intermittent Fasting”.

The truth is there’s just not much food to go around.

The Media always puts a spin on reality.

“You should have.” The woman retorts in a judgmental way.

The young man looks up. His brown skin darkened by the sun.

“Rosie. What’s the point?”

Rosie looks at him.

“Antoine. Do you know what happened when less than half of our young people didn’t vote back in my day?”



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