A Six Figure Earnings From A Four Figure Investment

There is no investment which shoots to the moon. There is no overnight double up strategy. There’s something else.

Chris Lopez
6 min readJan 11


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How do you put money into your bank account? What checks do you cash? What is your profession? Many under sell their sales pitches. The value of time is subjective. The way you walk up to a meeting tells people how you walk out. First impressions last. Last words sear memories. Let me let you in on the first step to searing a six-figure deposit.

Employee. Business owner.

This is the choice you have.

Nearly all offer services. Nearly all offer trade skills. A choice exists in your life. You can contribute to a brand or be the brand. Customers pay for brand. Who stands behind the brand is you or another.

Companies do not live, breathe, or talk.

What makes a company is people.

People live, breathe, and talk.

The community of business is nothing more than community of people. Customers are paying for you. You represent a brand. The issue hindering your earnings is you believe the brand is not you.


A common misconception is you are paid by your employer. Many believe this illusion. The illusion manifests itself as an endless well. A well which is the big company’s endless bank account. Many believe by showing up every day they will get paid on the 1st and 15th.

This is not true.

Somewhere someone is worrying. The amount of money in a business checking account is not endless.

Discussions happen daily, weekly, and monthly. These discussions surround money. How much will be available. What budget will fit next quarter. Who do they need to fire to keep production up.

Playing ignorant to these conversations does not help. It gets you blind-sided. Ask anyone who was suddenly fired due to the economy. They all have similar stories.

What story is not told is you paid yourself. Seriously.



Chris Lopez

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