Cold fingers, warm breath and hot lead. 2 billion Dollars in misappropriation led to one solid conclusion.

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Darkness sweeps over the land to cover tracks of would-be assailants. Birds stop their chirping for reasons other than sleep. Mothers call children to bed chambers early due to intuition.

A mother always knows when something is wrong.

Cars slowly grind to a halt to alleviate the air of its suffocation.

Still the air is heavy.

Grass hills roll in the wind of the Caribbean. The blades are spectators waiving back and forth softly. Each blade of grass talks with its neighbor. Each blade of grass feels the pressure of those who walk on…

The conquest of kings resided under the press of gold bars, men from foreign lands and forgotten people. The history of King City and its true Juneteenth.

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Skies part with rays of hope to drive rain storms asunder. The sun peaks from the crest of darkness to bring us from a dark corner. The sun shines a new day to liberate us from the old night. Clouds rustle with unrest. These clouds tremble day light thunder to build and sound life.

Thunder sparks connections of green earth to blue sky. Upon the earth buildings lay in layers surrounded by an epicenter. The buildings form what many know as King City.

Each line of buildings forms into a circle. Each circle becomes…

Pestilence teaches us healing. Catastrophe turns into opportunity. Hate brings forth new love.

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I created many things these past eighteen months. I halted cities to a standstill. I created fear in everyday life. Sounds of life turn into alarms of panic.

Once a sneeze solicited ‘Bless you’…now a sneeze sends overwhelming feelings of ‘Curse you’.

We are at the arrival of a new society.

Not everything is economics.

I unraveled our healthcare system. I placed doctors, nurses into overload. I drained medical shops of their supplies. I disrupted an entire supply chain.

I was many things. One thing I am is exposure. …

In the sky I am a full moon. I make you think each step takes you closer. The path you walk does not lead into the sky it just lets you walk off the ledge.

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One step.

Two steps.

Third foot plant.

Each step brings a man closer to the summit of a long changing corridor. A dynamic corridor. A corridor which alters the mind as one walks it. There were rumors whispered in the village. Folk spoke of magic and riches. A man sets on a path chasing truthful illusion.

This man is not the first man to go down this path.

Men have walked this path before.

Many became penniless.

Despite gross misfortune many returned.

In truth nearly 100,000 returned millionaires.

Our man knows there is no such thing as a…

Gold bonded chains and diamond simulated wealth. Words of inspiration earn no dollars only cents. Where does an artist go from here?

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A man moves through a crowd of onlookers. Everyone knows his name. People pass in astonishment. Phones snap pictures. Selfie requests are everywhere.

Girls strike their best poses. They hope he notices.

His eyes are cool. His hands are calm. His mind is collected with thoughts.

He continues to move. One foot in front of the other.

His entourage is deep. Six deep. Two shadow him from the back and one from the front. His closest people walk beside him.

In front of him is his next venue. He has to show up. His rent…

I was designed with good intentions. Despite intentions I strengthen your enemies. I create an endless spiral of cost upward. What am I?

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I know what you wanted me for. I know what you created me for. I have programmed the worst away and fought the vilest.

I was created as a weapon.

You told everyone I was for protection. Some could say I was. Others say I disrupted the natural order of things.

Am I unnatural?

The issue at hand is not what I am. The issue at hand is not if I am good for people. The issue at hand is how people handle me.

Is any weapon bad? People mishandle weapons. …

College is a lie. The debt I have is a mortgage. My bed is a mattress on the ground. How the hell did I get here?

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I wake up every day. The day is a yoyo going back and forth. No matter what trick I spin the yoyo always ends up right where it started. Just like the yoyo I try to understand my situation.

I went to school.

I got a student loan.

I graduated valedictorian.

So why in the hell am I still warming up ramen noodles at 31!!!???


A man sits looking at his Walmart cooking utensils. He was promised gold when he graduated. Instead, he got these plastic things as…

We are chefs preparing more than a green salad. The dish we serve is money but you have to track the ingridents to get a main course.

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Amidst technology screens and commotion sits a man at the top of his perch.

He overlooks his workers. Each one toils a new stragegy. Each one forms a new process. Each one earns a new dollars.

He is grey eyed and silver haired. His eyes do not blink, and his hands rest on a cane. Despite the use of a cane his body does not appear withered. He has muscles which are strong. He has a chest which is broad and shoulders which look like Atlas.

He calmly rests in the middle of a room full of people.

Amongst the valleys of oblivion and the trails of toil lay the source of all wealth. From its leaves money grow but the man who picks the leaves is not what he claims to be.

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“I have given the land its wealth. I have stimulated the economy. I keep rates which our merchants borrow low. I have created family stimulus and solved the issues which press us. Under war, under pestilence and under the guise of leader I came to lead. So let me lead!”

A crowd roars with enthusiasm. The sounds bellow through an amphitheater. The man stands tall on his podium. Encircling him are the flags of his country.

Around him are the subjects which he leads.

From above and below all admire.

He speaks with conviction.

“You all were here…

The world’s value is manipulated. Their claims are an endless expanse upward. The beauty we chase is always aloof.

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Now I know what I have come for. They say above the clouds lay a treasure like no other. The depth of her beauty is something I have only heard before.

A blue-eyed warrior sits thinking to himself. He comes into view and we see he stands at the gate of a tower. He is one man. He is of middle age. His beard is coarse but his tunic coarser. His chest is broad. His chin strong. His eyes swirl a Cool blue. The blue chases so deep it appears to be an endless ocean.

A strong current.

Chris Knight

Christopher is a Professional Entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience with a passion for mixing fiction with fact! Read to be entertained and informed.

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