All cycles come to an end. In the end politicians speak hot air to keep their air balloon afloat until a spark sends it crashing down.


Government has obligation to its citizens. Regardless of a government’s form its obligation to provide safety, security, public well fare, rule of law and human rights are essential.

There is no functional government without these characteristics.

Each of us debate which form of government is superior. Today, democratic…

Do what you say. Say what you mean. Words backslide until the truth changes. Then you pull out your signed paperwork.


Many of us understand planning for the future. We hear this saying every day. Mostly we hear this geared towards retirement. Financial planners and consultants always tell us to anticipate the future.

Most of this behavior is centered around money.

What these experts don’t explain is the necessity…

Successful people put off starting family. You must sacrifice marriage and children for financial success. Actually…this is wrong.


America is very individualistic. Society teaches us to seek what makes us “happy”. It is rare to find discussion of duty, obligation, or collective morals. My article will be mainly geared towards men. The reason is simple. I am a man. …

The stock market roars to life during a Pandemic. Precious metals depreciate despite currency debasement. What’s stopping the market correction?


The market is an odd thing. These past twenty years are different from previous one hundred. It seems no matter the catastrophe the stock market goes up.

The market is always hitting an all-time high. …

How long can you go without a paycheck? How do you know you’re wealthy? None of these things are measured by zeros in a bank account.


Today was an interesting day. Much like any other day I woke up, thought about what I wanted to do and then…well did it.

My days are not typical. There is no robust schedule. There is no press to get to an office…

Your portfolio needs energy. You must get rid of the hype. Is it time you AMP yourself up?


The central argument for any good Altcoin is its utility. After all there must be a use for whatever you’re looking at. The inability for something to be used means it’s worthless.

At least that’s what they tell us.

To a large extent I agree.

I read…

The tides of Bitcoin recede to expose the shored losers. The air pulls from Ethereum to let you know a storm is coming. CRO Pours massive gains against the forecast. (CRO) is a great technology I bought into recently. I’m going to touch on my personal journey with CRO later in this article. It was a great gain which I want to share with you.

I call cryptocurrencies like CRO “technologies” because it’s what I think they are.


Call me lucky. Call me smart. Call me whatever you want. I gained more than you did in the last five years.


Have you heard this story?

It seems everyday someone is tooting their horn. How much people make in crypto currency is all the rave. The market is undergoing an unprecedented shift.

Bitcoin still has a view of $90,000 by the end of the year despite the naysayer consensus…

Chris Knight

Christopher is a Professional Hustler and writer with over 15 years of experience. He mixes fact with fiction. Read and be entertained!

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